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New Life Traffic cover a vast of traffic data collection services to both private sector and local authorities. Our services comprise:

– Origin and Destination Surveys   – GIS Mapping
– Video Based Classified Counts    – Map info
– Manual Classified Counts   – Traffic data analysis with “Sidra Intersection”
– Behavioural Surveys   – AutoCAD, Vehicle tracking…
– Road Side Interviews  
– Cycle Surveys    
– Questionnaire/Postcard Distribution    
– Parking Studies    
– Pedestrian Counts    
– Passenger Movement Counts    
– PV2 Surveys    
– Public Consultations and Audits    
– Queue Length Studies    
– Journey Time Surveys    
– Saturation Flow Studies    
– Bus Stop Dwell Time Surveys    
– Taxi Surveys    
– Speed Surveys    
– Street Inventory Surveys